Individual gifts

We provide pre-made boxes or mix and match gifts based on your preferences.

Pre-made gifts

Starting at 125 NIS

The Coffee Box

150 NIS

This gift includes a ceramic handmade mug, coffee beans, and a  boutique milk chocolate bar wrapped in a beautiful black box.

The Middle Eastern Box

225 NIS

This gift includes handmade coconut toffee, boutique olive oil, pecan halva, za'atar seasoning, and handmade vegan chocolate wrapped in a beautiful pink box.

The Casual Box

125 NIS

This gift includes boutique olive oil and handmade milk chocolate wrapped in a beautiful brown box with a bow. 


The Notebook Box

175 NIS

This gift includes a green handmade ceramic mug, designer notebook, bamboo pen, and boutique tea bags wrapped in a beautiful white box with a bow. 

A Gift for Him

235 NIS

This gift includes boutique dark chocolate, mini whiskey bottle with  a glass, men's shaving cream, and a succulent plant, wrapped in a black box with a bow. 

A Gift for Her

235 NIS

This gift includes a pink handmade pomegranate, scented candle, lavender hand cream, and a 2019/2020 calendar, wrapped in a white box with a ribbon. 

From start to finish

Whether you choose a pre-made box or create your own, we offer our services from start to finish. 

In addition to the gift, we provide a personalized card along with a delivery package of your choice.

Mix and match gifts

Starting at 200 NIS

You choose various products from our selection, mixing and matching to fit the occasion.
We include a few samples below showing customized individual gifts.

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